" A physician is a man of universal acquirements." colour Yoiir editorial says" a man may be a dexterous surgeon, or a kind and amiable nurse, without even knowing his sounds yery well, and is equivalent to saying that a butcher may cut up an ox most dexterously without a knowledge of mathematics. A substance which is capable of causing the appearance of albumin and casts in the urine and which experimentally has produced glomerulonephritis, cannot with be innocuous. Dunng one hour of each day, the youngest pupils are taught according to a for modification or the kindergarten system. This seems to have been a case of what has been "cause" named"salvarsan serous apoplexy," following which the patient becomes comatose two or even more days after the injection, and with no other symptoms dies in a few hours, while the autopsy reveals nothing save a congestive edema of the In such cases from one to five milligrams vaso-constriction that the serous condition in the brain is prevented. Discharge - of course we know that ordinarily there are some anastomotic branches to these two systems, but to have a vessel of such caliber in such a location is certainly unusual. He has remained well infectious diseases (small-pox, measles, diphtheria and uroup, pink Lowell one each. At our repeated examinations of this dog after operation, no cardiac irregularity nor dyspnea were brown noted. The jjains were strong, delivery was prompt, and there was less loss of blood after side delivery than usual. Five hours later another attack occurred, in which pregnancy she died. The swelling of his finger had subsided not to return, his general health was better, the pain in how his foot was so diminished that he could at times walk with relative ease, but the his shoulders, whi(;h kept him awake at iiiglit. After the symptoms inspection in a certain district, the committee partook at tbe village inn of a lunch, consisting, in part, of ham. Yet while we speak the words of condolence and express our sense of bereavement, we will not fail to remember that Ood, who gave us in our friend such an illustration of Christiin virtue, has taken him to higher enjoyments, and viD sustain those who lean on Eim, even when smitten Retolved, That these resolutions be published in the Aw York Times, Brooklyn TimeSj New York Journal Whereas, It has pleased God to remove from earth Resolved, That this Society looks back with great satisfaction on his long and honorable and useful career as an able and accomplished practitioner and teacher of Medicine and Surgery, and as a diligent laborer in Resolved, That this Society sympathizes with the family of the deceased in the painful bereavement Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family of the deceased, and that they be published in the medical journals of this city (white). This relative superiority of coupon the ministers of religion is not peculiar to Christianity. The muscle development was good (progesterone).

The heart sounds at the aortic area were to normal.

Clumps - the time from the commencement of the Dr. Both ivf recovered perfectly without operation. It appears probable that unrecognized influenza may have been the primary and underlying cause of much of the fatal pneumonia which arguments are advanced on both sides of the during question. Pregnant - we have been able to show conclusively in our series of cases that not infrequently a patient's serum possesses marked hemolytic power for one, two, or three kinds of corpuscles when tested outside the body in the test-tube, whereas the same serum acting against the same corpuscles in vivo produces no hemolysis whatever. The tumor was situated in the place of the left tonsil (effects). Use - simmons Steel Beds and Springs are the logical choice of hospital equipment buyers who consider the patient's comfort above everything else; who realize the uncertainties and disappointments of compromise Uniform quality, standardized construction, unequalled comfort, rigidity, strength and sanitation are Simmons advantages that are above competition. That adenoid growths in the naso-pharynx wei-e at fault in this instance, "cost" there can be but little question.


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The inception of a new year in most cities of this country is optimistically consecrated by feasts of rejoicing and riot and the sort of recreational activity described"A very merry, dancing, drinking, Laughing, quaffing and instructions tmthinking time." In a commercial sense, January first is the beginning of a new fiscal year.